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Tidy Garages Services

Professional Garage Cleaning & Organizing Experts. Check out our services and
ask about our monthly specials & promotions.

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Discount Bundled Packages

Have a lot of trash to toss? With this bundled package you’ll get a clean & organized garage without the hassel of trash disposal.

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Trash Hauling Made Easy

The Bagster is a dumpster in the form of a Bag. It’s perfect for waste removal solution. We bring the bag, load it up, and it gets hauled away – All Inclusive.

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Tidy Garages – Cleaning & Organizing Experts

Company Vision

At Tidy Garages we strive to give back something many people have lost – their garage. All too often garages are used as a storage area which ends up cluttered and dirty with items we eventually forget about.


Imagine it pouring rain outside and you pulling into your nice, clean garage and walking inside dry. Imagine being able to do projects in the comfort of an organized, intelligently laid out garage that you don’t have to worry about stumbling over something.


Stop imagining! Tidy Garages is here to provide you with a solution and services to take care of all your garage cleaning and organizing needs. Call us today at (727) 748-4020 and ask about our currently monthly promotions.

Garage Cleaning & Organizing Process

We pride ourselves in transforming your garage from unbearable to an area you can once again use.


(1st) Analyze your garage to determine the best way to tackle it.
(2nd) Throw away all trash and garbage no longer wanted by customer.
(3rd) Move all items to driveway imperative to cleaning the garage floor.
(4th) Dust and vacuum all areas including hard to reach places such as garage corners getting rid of bugs, dirt and grime.
(5th) Sweep dirt from floor then mop using brand name detergents.
(6th) Organize and arrange items in garage to like categories per customers instructions.



“Professional! These Men were on Time, and well dressed! They explained the Tidy Process to me to make sure I was on the same page and comfortable with the process. And they began. Let me tell you, my garage was so messy it was embarrassing! I haven’t felt this Proud about my garage’s appearance in Years!!! Thank you guys so very much!”

-Nicole W.

“Purchased the Rapid Tidy package and these guys were quick! They completed all the finishing touches before the wife came home from shopping. She was shocked when she opened the garage! I would recommend Tidy Garages to everyone. Thanks guys.”

– Thomas K.

“If you are interested in getting your garage cleaned and cleaned professionally, call Tidy Garages! I am spreading the word! Tidy Garages is new company to my area. I’ve never seen anyone offer this type of service before! They took the time to explain exactly how their products are Green Friendly, which was important to me; I have 3 small children. Friendly Staff, Dressed Sharp! Thank you for your service! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

-Erin E.

“​YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!! I will be writing a fabulous review on my site for you as well as passing your company name on to those who need any type of Garage Cleaning Services! You’re the Best, Thank you sooooooo Much! Ciao,”

-Alda B.