Having a dirty garage invites pests such as mice and other small rodents; Furthermore that can quickly lead to an infestation and other dangerous insects, such as black widows that love places with lots of small dark, confined areas. With all these elements combined it creates an environment filled with disease and germs.

If you have little ones running around you definitely wouldn't want them exposed to this type of atmosphere, or even yourself. However you're in luck! We offer affordable solutions to take that environment to the cleaners. We'll unclutter, dust, sweep and vacuum - ridding your garage of hidden bugs, persistent dirt, and unforgiving grime.

Remember, a clean garage is a safe garage and an organized garage is a productive garage! Why wait any longer? Contact us today!

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"Professional! These Men were on Time, and well dressed! They explained the Tidy Process to me to make sure I was on the same page and comfortable with the process. And they began. Let me tell you, my garage was so messy it was embarrassing! I haven’t felt this Proud about my garage’s appearance in Years!!! Thank you guys so very much!" -Nicole W.

"​YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!! I will be writing a fabulous review on my site for you as well as passing your company name on to those who need any type of Garage Cleaning Services! You’re the Best, Thank you sooooooo Much! Ciao," -Alda B.

"PRICE WAS RIGHT! Received this service on a gift card for my birthday. Best gift ever! Have a one car garage as a part of a rental property and my prior tenants completely destroyed it. It was absolutely filthy. I knew I had to clean and paint it but frankly did not want to. I decided to turn in my gift card and boy am I glad I found you guys! They were On Time and these men did a heck of a job. This garage was completely gutted out, super cleaned, and then painted. They flipped this garage from destroyed, to rent ready in no time. Can’t say thank you enough! Except I bought two more for my other rentals! Thanks so much!" -Nicholas L.

Our Process

We take pride in transforming your garage from unbearable to an area you can once again use.

  • Analyze your garage to determine the best way to tackle it.

  • Throw away all trash and garbage no longer wanted by customer.

  • Move all items to driveway imperative to cleaning the garage floor.

  • Sweep dirt from floor then mop using brand name detergents.

  • Dust and vacuum all areas including hard to reach places such as garage corners getting rid of bugs, dirt and grime.

  • Organize and arrange items in garage to like categories per customers instructions.


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